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A slave set free!

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“The power of sin is broken, I have been set FREE. Jesus is alive and He lives in me!… The prison door is open and YOU ARE FREE ~ Come on out and see and what your life will be!”

This little rhyme filled my mind as I wrote in my journal this morning and it has been singing to me ever since. I have always loved rhyming words and as a young girl, I wrote many short poems & stories about things going on in my life. I find it interesting how as an adult, my childhood interest is being used so cleverly by God, to “capture” my mind with catchy words of truth, truths that I long to learn!

I am aware that the door that held me closed up in captivity to anorexia has been opened for me, and it has been for quite some time. However, I confess that I tiptoe out a little bit, but when I face some anxiety or twinge of fear of going “against” those old rules, I go back a little bit to the old familiar ways. I go back because I am uncertain of how to live away from the rules that ran my whole life for so very long.

A nasty “slave driver” camped out in my head for so many years that it became my norm. That driving voice, I discovered was “Ed” (eating disorder). Satan brought “him” to my life and he attempted to run my day & night with a closet full of rules, regulations & messages. He had mean words that told me many lies about my body, he told me what & how I could or could not eat. He had “get busy,“ activity rules written all over those walls and they were rigid & relentless. He even told me that I could not sit down and another lie, that I “had” to exercise and there was no option.

Tonight, as I hear The Spirit singing to me, “Your prison door is open, You have been set free,” I was led in my Bible to Galatians 5:1, which says, “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”

“Stand firm!” – that is a command of action and a pose of victory. Christ died to set all of us free from old rules and or messages that ran or still run our life. Those are the ways that Satan uses to plague & confuse our minds, to create bondage and to keep us in captivity to him and from the freedom Christ died to give us!

I AM FREE! No longer do I, or anyone else, have to live in chains to a slave driver who uses an eating disorder, rules, addictions or distorted views of my God-created body to ruin my life. I am standing firm on God’s truth, that the prison I was living in, has busted wide open and those doors lead out into complete freedom to live for Christ and to have light, happiness and joy in my life!


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  • Angelina says:

    Thank you so much, sister, for sharing this. I am cut to the heart, just as the Lord knew I needed to be. I’m also a (finally!) recovering anorexic, seeking freedom from that slave-driver daily. It is for this freedom that Christ has set us free, indeed. Grace, peace, and sweet freedom to you!