Constance Rhodes, ACC

Founder & Chair,
FINDINGbalance, Inc.
Author, Life Inside the ‘Thin’ Cage
ICF Certified Coach

A new direction for a trusted resource…

Dear friend,

As a former disordered eater who no longer walks in fear of food, I founded FINDINGbalance in 2002 to help others find freedom through quality, Christ-centered programs and resources. We’ve served a lot of people since then, through online libraries and national conferences, virtual support programs and more.

In 2019, realizing that our vision consistently exceeded our funding, and also recognizing that I was feeling God leading me to a new season of personal ministry, we made the hard decision to step back on staffing and narrow the range of the services we could offer.

Then, in 2020 the world changed, and we decided that the best way to steward the many resources we had built over the years was to make them accessible to as many people as possible at no charge.

To this end, this fall we released a whole new Courses section to this site, and are giving full permission for it to be used by individuals, churches, schools, counselors and organizations seeking balanced, Christ-centered resources for food and body image issues.

We are also continuing our beloved “Daily Vitamin” eDevo, which provides Christ-centered TRUTH and hope to so many, as well as our online treatment finder which can link you with Christian providers who are experienced in treating eating issues.

YOU CAN HELP SUPPORT THIS WORK BY GIVING TO OUR 2021 OPERATIONS FUND. We’ve set a modest goal of $12,000 and with your help, we can continue offering these quality resources to people everywhere, without the barrier of cost. SEE OUR PROGRESS & DONATE HERE.

You were created to be free. We pray that the resources you can find here will help you (and those you care about) move toward that freedom a little more each day.

Kindest regards,

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Our mission is to provide easily-accessible, Christ-centered resources for those seeking freedom from food and body image issues. We are honored to be Top-Rated at, where you can read more than a hundred reviews from those we’ve served. We also count it a privilege to be a trusted resource for many fine organizations and programs.


Seven modules of Christ-centered webinars, discussion sheets and activities that can be used on your own or in a small group setting, offered at no charge to anyone who wants to access it.

Bite-sized truth delivered to your inbox 5 days a week.

Online directory of Christian eating disorder professionals and programs.

600+ free online videos, plus articles, and “Ask Our Panel” expert Q&A library.


We believe in a non-diet, “all things in moderation,” intuitive eating approach. We do not promote specific eating programs, diets, supplements or food trends. Ever.

Unhealthy habits thrive in isolation. Healthy community heals shame and enhances other recovery and wellness efforts.

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free,” (Gal. 5:1). God is wild about you and wants you to experience the fullness of life without eating issues, regardless of where you are in your faith journey.