Featuring seven modules, our Lasting Freedom course includes webinars, worksheets and activities to help you eat well and live free. Webinar guests include counselors, nutritionists, authors, pastors, and other influencers who support a non-diet, Biblically-sound, grace-based approach to eating, wellness, body image, and spiritual growth. REGISTER TO ACCESS.


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Our Christian Treatment Finder is  new and growing resource, designed to help those seeking Christian care for eating disorders find those in their area who are providing it. This tool also provides networking opportunities for Clinicians, Counselors, Nutritionists and Coaches working in the field of eating disorders to find continuing learning and support opportunities.


The most robust, curated collection of eating-disorder & nutrition-related videos, articles, books and advice on the web featuring authors, nutritionists, counselors, artists and more. Whether you want to learn about eating disorders, how to eat well in a balanced way, or advice for helping someone find freedom, our handy “search” tool will bring back tons of results to get you started.