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Hello Body

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I heard the song, “Hello Darlin’, Nice to See You, It’s been a Long Time…” by Conway Twitty and instantly I heard in my heart; “Hello Body, it’s great to meet you ~ It’s been a long time….why, you are just as lovely, as you were created to be!”

Up until 5 years ago, due to years of childhood abuse & neglect, I spent the vast majority of my life living in a prison of hate for my body. Then just the other day I was “led” up to my room with a directive in my heart that said, “Go look at yourself. Look at the beautiful YOU!”

I walked over to a mirror and as I stood there, waiting to hear the all too familiar critical & cut down voices, God literally stopped my mind & opened my eyes to see a reality and a truth that I have not accepted before. I did not just see “body parts,” and distorted views, but instead, I saw a whole creation that God had made with His hands. I was viewing my entire body as one whole connection and it startled me to see the person I REALLY am.

Seeing with the eyes of Christ, I can say, “I see you, Body, just as you are! You are not shame or embarrassment, you are not ugly, wrong or not good enough. You are amazing and no longer will I shove you away, ignore you or disconnect from you. You are all too precious and you deserve to live free from the old chains of lies and messages from the past! I greet you as a newly discovered, yet long-lost friend and I want to know so much more about you. So tell me, what do you like, what do you love about life? How do you like to relax, how do you like to be loved and cared for? What do you enjoy doing each day? What makes you laugh and what makes you cry? What is your favorite smell and sight? What do you like to eat and to drink? What type of fabric do you like against your skin? Do you like to sing & dance, do you like to write & draw? What dreams do you have and what desires are inside your heart?”

As I looked at my body and said praises to God for how He created me, I had the verse from Psalm 139:14 playing through my mind; “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” God truly does create wonderful things and as I begin to see that truth, it is freeing!

I daily choose to keep allowing God to uncover the old lying eyes & unveil the distorted images of the past. He is giving me new eyes to see a brand new view, His view, of how He made me to be. I am so grateful for His healing powers! He is lifting me out of a pit of darkness & shame and is giving me a new relationship with my own body & self!


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  • Kathy Walton says:

    God touched me through your post.Thanks Jen.I will start to treat my body with more respect and love.He wants us to because we are His handiwork!x