40 Weeks

This Isn’t My Body…Is It?

It’s a thought I have pretty often: this isn’t my body! It can’t be! I mean, my baby’s doing great in there; he’s healthy and growing well, which I’m so thankful for, and up until this point it seems that my body’s changes have been gradual, but now? I can barely see my feet, my hips burn when I walk, and my back aches every ten minutes. (And I won’t even mention my bladder.) I’ve already thought – multiple times – that I couldn’t be this big. And my baby’s supposed to triple in size in the next two and a half months? This isn’t my body. It can’t be!

But it is. All of these discomforts – while normal, are still just that – uncomfortable. My body knows what it’s doing, and will be able to provide a healthy, wonderful experience for my son’s birth.

I learned more about that when I attended my first childbirth class tonight, when I marveled at what a woman’s body does in order to prepare – and eventually go through – the birthing process. It was amazing to learn about what God has put in place in our bodies to be able to not only provide an environment in which a human being can survive, but grow and even thrive! God has such a beautiful plan, with steps that all work together to bring new life into the world – and learning more about it has been a great experience.

And even then, in class, I found myself asking… “This isn’t my body, is it?” Because it seemed so marvelous, so perfect. Each contraction, I learned, is a calculated science designed for a specific purpose; each uterus has been designed to grow to up to 500 times its original size, and the human body knows exactly when to release hormones into mom’s bloodstream to signal that it’s ready for labor and delivery.

I was overwhelmed by the capability that God has given me to do this – to bring my son into the world – and it’s humbling, too. God, in His goodness, has designed us so well and outfitted us with beautiful bodies that can do marvelous things. What a cause for joy we have!

Hope all is well, until next time!

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  • Eugene Hung says:

    Thank you for a lovely rhapsody – and theological reflection – on pregnancy. Good stuff!