Table in the Darkness

by Lee Wolfe Blum

FINDINGbalance is pleased to recommend Table in the Darkness: A Healing Journey through an Eating Disorder. The author, Lee Wolfe Blum, has been a friend to our work for many years, and has a solid grip on recovery and the steps needed to experience freedom. This book is engaging, non-triggering, and hopeful. We recommend it wholeheartedly.


(from back cover) “Look who gained the freshman fifteen.” When Lee Blum heard these words, intended to be gently easing, her interior thoughts were, “You. Are. Fat. Fat was not good. no, fat was bad. I would NOT be fat.” She continues…

I stood in front of the full-length mirror in my dorm room and inspected the extra parts. These extra parts needed fixing – my stomach, my thighs, and those cheeks that were round and puffy, like two big apples on the side of my face. I would fix this. Fixing was my forte.

These were the thoughts that plagued Lee Blum during her teens and inteo her twenties. They drove her to an eating disorder and exercise addiction. Eventually, she found herself hospitalized with clinical depression.

But that is not the end of the story. Drawing strength from psychological, physiological and spiritual sources, Lee found her voice again. If you or someone you love has been at this dark table, you will find her story enlightening and encouraging.


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