Integrated Treatment of Eating Disorders

As a follow-up to her ground-breaking 1993 book The Body Betrayed, in Integrated Treatment of Eating Disorders: Beyond The Body Betrayed, Dr. Zerbe directs her writing to the clinician.

The three parts of this book include:

  1. The Stages of Treatment of Eating Disorders (opening, middle and termination)
  2. Treatment of Eating Disorders Over the Life Cycle (adolescence, adulthood, middle and later life)
  3. Special Issues in the Treatment of Eating Disorders (sexuality, managing transference and countertransference, assessing outcome and resiliency).

Speaking personally to clinicians, Dr. Zerbe addresses such issues as working with internal self-criticism, learning containment skills, and blending cognitive-behavioral skills with psychodynamic principles. She also provides clinical examples throughout. An excellent resource for clinicians of all skill levels, written by an expert in the field with over 25 years of experience.

Reviewed by Michelle Watson, PhD, LPC