Image RESTored: Tear Down Shame and Insecurity to Experience a Body Image Renovation

by Rachael Gilbert

This whole-person, interactive approach to body image includes coloring sheets, journaling prompts, and therapist insights that ground you in God’s love and build you up in truth.

Are you tired of being at war with your body—and with your thoughts about your body? Rachael Gilbert struggled with shame when she didn’t measure up to her dream body image. Then, as a fitness instructor and licensed counselor specializing in disordered eating, she realized how many of us bury the same painful insecurities. But keeping up appearances is exhausting. We need restoration from the inside out.

In Image RESTored, Rachael offers professional guidance, coloring pages, Scripture, prayers, journaling prompts, and a link to online teaching videos to help you experience true freedom. See your whole self in a new way as you learn:

  • A biblical perspective on eating, weight loss, fitness, and self-confidence rooted in God’s love.
  • Counselor-inspired strategies to help you appreciate how God made you.
  • How to reframe stories that formed your attitude toward your body.
  • Tools for overcoming comparison and trauma.
  • Ways to use thoughts and feelings so they help you rather than sabotage you.

Rich with spiritual and therapeutic insights, this Christian body image workbook calls you to experience healing and wellness that starts with knowing God’s love for you—mind, soul, body, and spirit.


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