Hollow: An Unpolished Tale

by Jena Morrow

(From back cover) “If you are relatively normal, you probably wake up in the morning, switch on the coffee pot, pour some cereal, sit down with the morning paper, and eat your breakfast. You don’t just stare at it, you eat it.” But Jena Morrow, author of Hollow: An Unpolished Tale, wasn’t relatively normal. She was one of millions of people who couldn’t just eat casually. As young as three years old she was worried about the size of her thighs. As a young adult she found herself admitted into an eating disorder treatment facility.

There are a lot of personal recovery stories out there, but what we at FINDINGbalance love about this one in particular is that it doesn’t tie everything up with a bow. The author is honest about her past, and also her present at the time of writing.

This honest portrayal of the battle to find freedom will encourage you to believe you can join her in winning it.