HEAL – Healthy Eating Abundant Living

by Allie Marie Smith and Judy Wardell Halliday

In HEAL: Your diet-free, faith-filled guide to a fabulous life, Allie Marie-Smith partners with Judy Halliday to create a practical, fun and small-group friendly tool to help today’s modern young women break free from eating and body image issues and life an abundant life.

Designed for women of all shapes and sizes, HEAL helps you develop a healthy lifestyle plan, while being renewed by the truths in Psalm 139.

For easy small-group use, HEAL is organized into six chapters/sessions:

  1. You are Wonderfully Made
  2. The HEAL Basics
  3. Healing Your Hunger
  4. Body Beautiful
  5. An Aisle of Grace
  6. Abundant Living

Ideal for teens, college and young career women.