Grace, Food, And Everything In Between: Discover the Transforming Power of Grace to Set You Free from Food and Body Shame

by Aubrey Golbek

Are you burnt out on striving for perfection with eating, exercising and managing your body? Have you tried diet after diet only to feel more anxious, ashamed and disgusted with yourself? You’re not alone. We live in a wellness obsessed culture that ties our worth to the size of our bodies and places our value in our ability to eat “clean” and exercise religiously. It’s not working for us. We’re more fearful of food, obsessed with our weight, anxious and unhealthy than ever before. We’re in desperate need of a new thought when it comes to food, exercise and everything in between, one rooted in grace and truth.

Registered dietitian, and recovering perfectionist Aubrey Golbek explores how the radical truth of grace transforms everything from the way we view ourselves, to how we eat, and move our bodies. The truths and practical tips in this book have the potential to set you free by helping you discover a new way of eating and caring for your body. Step into the abundant life your were made for, a life free from food guilt and body shame, a life fueled by grace.