Good to Grow: Embrace an Abundant Life in Your Good Body

by Amanda Coates Reynolds

Are you tired of a world focused on skinny? Does your body and food sometimes feel like frustrating obligations instead of joyful gifts? You are not alone! However, it is possible for you to enjoy your body and food with peace and grace.

You were not made simply to be small. You were made for abundance.

In this book, Amanda shares her journey and lessons learned through her own struggles with food and body issues from her teen years to now as a mom, fitness instructor, and anti-dieter. The book incorporates research on Intuitive Eating coupled with a generous dose of God’s word to show women how to live a life of less shame and more joy. Less obsession and more peace. Less discontent and more love.

Life is too short to shrink back. Let’s be fruitful and GROW!