Feed My Soul: Finding True Peace with Food, Movement, Rest, and Body Image

by Kristen Bunger MS, RD

Each of us has struggled with food, movement, rest, and body image in some way and we all have good reasons for the struggle. Eating disorders, disordered eating, “yo-yo” dieting, over-exercise, and unrealistic body image expectations are merely unhealthy and irrational ways of meeting healthy and rational needs.

In Feed My Soul, author and registered dietitian, Kristen Bunger, combines the wisdom of science, the insight of psychology, and the truth of God’s word to help you sort through the disordered thoughts and lies you may believe about food, movement, rest, and body image.

Kristen gives practical ways of obtaining peace with food and body and a greater understanding of how to take excellent care of your body and your soul. In Feed My Soul, Kristen uses the truth of scripture to point you back to Christ as the ultimate source of peace and fulfillment.