Chasing Silhouettes: How to Help a Loved One Battling an Eating Disorder

by Emily Wierenga. Foreword by Gregg Jantz, PhD.

This just might be the single most important book for someone walking through an eating disorder with someone they love!

In Chasing Silhouettes, author Emily Wierenga takes us into her childhood as a pastor’s daughter who is homeschooled when she develops anorexia as a young girl. Understandably, the family is thrown into tumult as they try to grapple with how to help their daughter. Now an adult, Emily gives us the gift of not only her perspective, as one who battled anorexia, but also her parent’s perspective as they tried to help her, along with clinical insight from eating disorders expert Dena Cabrera, PsyD.

Part story and part practical road map, this book will open your eyes to what’s happening below the surface of one struggling with a life-threatening eating disorder, and will give you practical tools for loving those who struggle without sacrificing those who don’t. You will learn the four stages of eating disorder recovery (recognizing, rendering helpless, recovery and renewal) and be better prepared to help them traverse the road to health and freedom while maintaining your own well-being.