Big Thighs, Tight Jeans

by Ann Capper, RD, CDN

(From Back Cover) Meet Jan—your average, busy middle-school girl. She has a medium build and really likes to dance. But Jan hates her thighs. She thinks she’s getting fat and begins to envy the slimmer girls who seem to be EVERYWHERE lately. Jan tries a crash diet because she wants to be beautiful. But then she gets SO hungry, she stuffs herself. On top of that, when she feels down, cookies seem to make her feel better. Then she feels guilty.

Jan can’t seem to be satisfied with her weight or her looks until she discovers the key to being the best she’s ever been. She wrote it all in her journal. Read her secrets inside…

Written by FINDINGbalance Nutrition Editor Ann Capper, RD, CDN, Big Thighs, Tight Jeans: Should Jan Go On a Diet is a great preventative tool to help young girls embrace their bodies at a young age and avoid disordered eating and body image issues down the road.