Aligned: Returning to God’s Perfect Peace in an Anxious World (Devotional Guide)

by Kasey Shuler

Perfect peace is a present reality in Christ, so why are we still anxious?

We live in a world where you have not only the freedom to be anything, but the expectation to be everything. When you feel pulled apart in every direction, Aligned invites you to return to the center of God’s peace by practicing His promises.

This seven-session devotional guide provides a path for you to live in alignment with what you know and learn to let the rest go.

Aligned will help you answer:

•What pulls me out of alignment with who I am in Christ?

•How can I access the peace of God today?

•What are the promises I can be absolutely sure of?

Devotionals and mind-body journaling prompts help you understand what you’re anxious about and guide you back to the peace of Christ. Be equipped with the assurance you need to trade anxiety for integrity.

Find the video companion series here.

Find the video study for groups here.