Chasing Freedom

Are You A Slave to the Scale?

By June 16, 2015No Comments

Many of us have subscribed to believing in a mirage; that there is some human thing we can do which will bring us transcendence, happiness, power, and control. In some places of the world, such beliefs lead to unfathomable consequences. But even here in the US, they can bring destruction that lasts a lifetime.

For many of us, the mirage is the belief that if we weigh the right weight, we will be happy. That a certain size, a certain number on the scale will make it all better. Then our life will begin. Then we will feel in control…

I see women, men, and even children buy into this mirage. This vision of a shining light that says, come to me. I will make it all better. You will see. They sacrifice their lives, their relationships, and their health for control and a semblance of peace in a chaotic world.

But holding on to a target that is always moving and continues to demand more and more will keep you trapped until you whither into nothing but a servant to its demands.

I bought into this game in my early twenties and barely escaped from its grip. I almost lost it all – almost sacrificed myself for the number on a scale. And it was so much more than the number on the scale I was pursuing. I wanted to control and to not feel, because my life was so out of control. If I could control my body, then everything would be ok. Or so I thought.

I was believing in a lie.

Now, having escaped the torture of the eating disorder and the game, I know that it does not satisfy in the least bit. I know that you get on that scale every day, hoping the number will offer you something positive, hoping it will determine your day. Hoping it will make your life better. And it doesn’t. It kills. It destroys. It controls you and berates you and makes you miserable.

Don’t buy into the lie. Don’t buy into what the world is selling, what our culture is selling. Control and perfection are not something to be attained, they are not within our reach.

Everyone wants to be perfect, but no one wants to be with perfect. That isn’t fun.

Today, go out and be you. Be the hot mess you and I are! Be real. And if you have a scale and are using it to control your life, throw that thing out your window! Now!

If it is controlling you, tell someone, get some help.

I promise you, there is life on the other side of being controlled like a little soldier by something that will never satisfy.

It’s called FREEDOM.