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Someone To Live For

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morning-sun-1377456-mWe all face difficult situations at some point in our lives. During these times it’s often hard to find the “silver lining.” How can we possibly stay grateful when things seem to be going so wrong? Well that is exactly how I used to feel about my struggle with my eating disorder.

One day I finally asked myself “Why did this happen to me?” I knew I had to be going through this for a reason. It had to have some purpose. At that point, underneath the pain and suffering, I realized that my eating disorder did have a purpose. All along I didn’t even realize that it has brought me the most precious gift I could have ever asked for. It brought me closer to God. Before my struggle, I never considered myself a “spiritual person.” Today, I thrive on my relationship with God. He is my main source of comfort. I turn to Him when I need guidance and motivation to keep moving forward.

Once I started to build my relationship with God, everything changed. My whole perception of my struggle shifted. Instead of thinking about recovery as a “struggle” or “battle” which are the most common words used to describe it, I began to view it as a journey towards self discovery. I began to see it as an opportunity to redefine my life. This was a test God was putting me through to make me a stronger person.

From that point on, I no longer felt sad or lonely because now I have something and Someone to live for. I can honestly say that God has given me the courage and strength to take care of myself. I find comfort in the truth that we are all made in God’s image and he accepts all our imperfections, failures, and even set backs. He understands we will make mistakes so everyday he wipes the slate clean, allowing for a fresh start.

Next time you feel alone or lost, I assure you, you are not. God is always there listening and in time he will give you the encouragement you need. Know that you are on this earth for a reason. Everyone has a purpose; the trick is allowing yourself to discover it.

Once you can find what you’re fighting for, it will no longer feel like a struggle. Just keep pushing forward and have faith that no matter what, you will come out victorious.


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