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Constance-170x135Hi friends. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here, but you can be sure a lot has been happening. I’ve been out on the road a bit with the Girls of Grace “The Beautiful Truth” tour, and it’s been amazing to connect with some of you in Phoenix, Jackson and Charlotte.

While I’ve been on this tour God has really been stretching me, and opening my eyes to new things. Most recently, he’s revealing to me what it looks like – on a practical level – to have my identity in him. It’s something we Christians talk about all the time, but honestly, I’m not sure how many of us really know what it means. I know I haven’t really understood this concept until just last week. In fact, I’ve just posted about it in my personal blog, which you can check out here: Identity in Christ: From cliche to concrete…

In other news, my youngest has just started kindergarten. For those of you without kids, this probably means nothing to you. But those of you with pre-schoolers (or who have had them in the past) can appreciate that my whole world has opened up. HUGE. In fact, it’s the first time since founding FINDINGbalance that I will be able to dedicate myself to it on a full-time basis, without working nights and weekends.

I am excited about these next 12-18 months, as my focus is going to be on growing the reach of our work here. We’ve been building great tools for the last ten years. Now it’s time to get more people to find them. This means helping get more of you to host Gatherings, increasing attendance at our Hungry for Hope conference (maybe even starting a one-day version in select cities), stretching across the oceans to put our resources in more hands internationally, and more.

If you are a person of influence, or if you have a talent or skill you’d like to contribute toward helping me increase our exposure, please let me know. Shoot me a note through our contact form, or call my office at 615-599-6948 (be sure to leave a message if you don’t get me).

I’m excited about what God will do, and about the people He will use to do it.

Are you one of them?

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