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A Bum Deal (My Big Bottom Blessing Pt. 1)

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Excerpted from the new book “My Big Bottom Blessing” by Teasi Cannon (Worthy Publishing)

Imagine yourself standing in front of a mirror right now—completely naked. Can you say that you love who you see? Believe it or not, I can.

Now you’re probably thinking one of two things: either this lady has a perfect body, or she’s a total liar. Wrong. In fact, at the release of this book I am about fifty pounds heavier than society deems appropriate, and I promise the declaration is no lie. Hopefully you will find this easier to believe once you’ve read my story. It is an unraveling story—or maybe a roller coaster—but it’s a tale that ends ever so triumphantly.

As you can probably surmise by now, I have not always been okay with my body. In fact, for most of my life “disgust” would have been the appropriate word to define what I felt when looking in the mirror. Research shows I’m not alone. A recent Glamour magazine poll revealed that 97 percent of women have cruel thoughts about themselves each day—thirteen times a day on average. And sadder still, 90 percent of high school junior and senior girls diet regularly, even though only 10 to 15 percent would be considered truly overweight.

This obsession we have with weight and physical appearance is crazy—especially from a Christian perspective. Think about this: the value that has been placed upon being thin is not a value that has been given by God. In fact, the Bible is pretty clear that what matters most to the Lord is the appearance of the heart. Although being healthy is important, God is far more concerned with the amount of love we are showing than with the firmness of the thigh we are showing.


A Two-Sided Coin

 Be encouraged as Teasi shares her story of freedom and teaches God’s view on the body in 5 lessons for our FINDINGbalance Gathering small group tool! And stay tuned for an excerpt from chapter two, coming soon…


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