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My Recovery – A Picture of God’s Grace

By July 26, 2012November 18th, 20135 Comments

Picture of God's GraceI was anorexic for six years while I was in my 30s. What a dark and lonely time that was. None of my family or friends knew about the eating disorder, I didn’t have the internet at home, and there was no help for eating disorders available in my area. Not only that, but during my early days with anorexia, I was even away from God. I struggled with despair and hopelessness, depression and suicidal thoughts.

Step-by-step, the Lord drew me back to Himself. It was a process that took time, but it was a very sweet time in our relationship that I will always treasure. Yet even after becoming close with Him again, I still struggled with the eating disorder. I considered asking for His help, and I was confident He would help me. But that’s why I didn’t ask, because a part of me still wanted to cling to anorexia.

Over time, I became sicker, and I didn’t want to see myself still struggling with the eating disorder in the future. It was time for me to get serious about my recovery again. Finally, I was ready to let go of anorexia and leave it behind me. I saw a dietitian a few times to obtain a meal plan. That was helpful since I no longer knew the appropriate amount of food to consume in a day. And yet to make the meal plan truly work for me, I needed divine help.

For the first time, I prayed a prayer of surrender and allowed the Lord to lead my recovery. I saw for myself that as long as I was in control, I just experienced more of the same. But I was confident that God would lead me out of the bondage of anorexia.

Although the eating disorder didn’t automatically disappear, I could sense the Lord was with me. He led me to renew my mind, and that was one of the keys in my recovery. I recognized the lies and negative thoughts that fueled the eating disorder, and I focused on the truth and positive thoughts instead. I wrote verses, quotes and truthful statements on note cards because I didn’t trust myself to recall them on my own when I needed them most. It was an effective tool for me. There were some very meaningful and vital parts in my journey to break free of anorexia, and renewing my mind was one of them.

Since I have recovered, I’ve considered myself a picture of God’s grace. Here, I walked away from Him, but he drew me back to himself. I mistreated the body He gave me, and I resisted His help. Yet when I was finally ready to let go of the eating disorder, He was right there, ready and waiting to help me. He directed me to His Word, He strengthened me whenever I asked, and He ultimately led me to freedom. I sure didn’t feel I deserved it. But that’s grace. We don’t earn it, but we’re blessed by it.

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  • kathy says:

    Thank You for sharing, I am curious about your online ministry. Would you pls. email me and let me know
    what you do for women.


  • nancy says:

    I find it so very comforting to read that there are others out there that are in my age range, 49, that also struggle with weight and eating issues. Where do I begin my journey into recovery?? I would love some good resources to tap into, is the book “the thin cage” helpful to begin with??? Any other thoughts/recommendations for my journey forward? Thanks so much

    • Hi Nancy (and KB, and Anne…),

      You are DEFINITELY not alone. I’ve been working in this field for ten years now and meet so many women (and men) even older than 49 who still struggle, and think they’re alone. You’re not. re: whether you should read Life Inside the Thin Cage, of course I must say “Yes!”, as its author. (smile). It really may be helpful to you. Another book I’d also suggest is “My Big Bottom Blessing,” by Teasi Cannon. It doesn’t go as much into disordered eating as my book does, but her struggles as a woman wrestling with body/weight and the freedom she now experiences will encourage you, I do believe. Another great book is “Hollow” by Jena Morrow. You can check out all of these and more by clicking on “resources” above, and then “books”. Or just go to

      One last thing – check out our “Gathering” video lessons. You may find them very helpful as well. And keep coming back here to the blog for continual encouragement. We can all use that sometimes!

      Blessings to you on the journey!


  • anne dunne says:

    Thank you for shring that, i struggle a lot by getting impatient because I am almost 47 and although the ed is dormant, i still dont know who I am all the time, what I like, I want my values and character to match what I am doing and I get frustrated because I think at this age I should know by now. However, bring GOD into the picture and surrender and share with Him our fears relieves that strain and mentatility of beating myself up for “not knowing better” thanks Laurie!

    • KB says:

      Wow — I too am almost 47, just started down path to recovery a few months ago. I could relate to so much of this column, because while I have several times “surrendered” and said I truly wanted to recover, i can feel that a part of me is still holding back. The fact that I am in my mid-40s, blessed with a loving husband and three (usually) wonderful children, makes it sometimes difficult to relate to others with ED — as so often the public discussion of ED is limited to adolescents (high school, college age). Thanks for your post.