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August 3, 2012

Need Help with Hunger and Fullness Signals

"I've heard people talk about "intuitive eating" - eating when you're hungry and stopping when…
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May 29, 2012

My Daughter Keeps Losing Weight – Concerned Parent

"My college age daughter came home for the summer, and had gained the "freshman 15."…
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May 12, 2012

Big Thighs, Tight Jeans

(From Back Cover) Meet Jan—your average, busy middle-school girl. She has a medium build and…
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May 7, 2012

My Child is a Picky Eater

"My kid has always been a picky eater. How can I get him to eat…
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April 10, 2012

Mindless Eating and Weight Gain

"What is 'mindless eating' and how does it contribute to unhealthy weight gain?"
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March 14, 2012

Managing Food Cravings

Just because you crave something, doesn't mean you have to lose control. Here are some…
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March 12, 2012

Why Isn’t My Diet Working?

"I've been on and off of diets for years, and although I sometimes lose weight--up…
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