Weight Fluctuations with Deprive-Binge Behavior

By February 27, 2013

Since I was 12 I went through times when I would restrict, then I would let it go for a while, and then it would begin again. After high school I began to drink and overeat, and I became obese. Then at about 22 I started a bulimic cycle which was followed by anorexia as well. That lasted about 7 years. I was at a healthy weight and I got pregnant, and so I wanted to do the right thing and eat right while I was pregnant. Well apparently my mind was afraid that I would never get that much food again so it hasn’t let me quit eating and eating and eating. My daughter is almost 2 now and I am again at an obese (by Dr.’s words) weight. My question is, are there others out there that have gone through this? And will it eventually even out?

Dear Visitor,

Your body will even out with “normal” eating. I would like to recommend that you find a registered dietitian nutritionist(RD or RDN) as part of your healthcare team, who can help you with a meal plan with the right calories and nutrients to achieve a weight that you are able to maintain. You have experienced the deprive-binge behavior that is a normal reaction from the body that is begging for the fuel it needs for the organs to function. An RD works with your lifestyle and obstacles to help you find a plan that will help stabilize your eating. And, an RD who understands eating disorders will understand your fears with eating. To find an RD (or RDN), go to http://www.eatright.org/ and click “Find an Expert.” Enter “eating disorder” under specialty so that you will find someone who understands your struggle.