Teen Will Only Eat French Fries

By September 28, 2012

My nephew is 15 years old and for most of his life he has had an eating disorder – he will only eat french fries. In the past few years (thanks to my father,) he has increased his menu to include boiled potatoes, pretzels and a few other non-nutritious foods. One evening when the family gathered at my parents’ house, we ordered pizza and he wanted to try to eat a piece. He said it smelled good to him. However, when he brought the pizza to his mouth he immediately became nauseous and had to lie down for a while. When my nephew was a baby he ate his baby food… if memory serves, he began his eating disorder around 4 or 5 years of age.   Now he has no energy to play sports, and he won’t go to camp with his friends because he is embarrassed about the fact he can only eat french fries and he is teased by other children. This problem can no longer be ignored. Please help me find the answers and treatment for my nephew. – Sandy S.


I understand your concern for your nephew. I have worked with several kids ages 7 – 13 years old with a similar disorder. The MD did not find a physical disorder and referred to a psychotherapist. All were effectively treated by a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist. I helped the family and child reintroduce foods in a safe and non-threatening way. All are eating a wide variety of foods now and have gained to a healthy weight. The first step is an evaluation by an MD. Is your nephew interested in requesting help? He and his parents may not realize there are evaluation and treatment options.