Losing Focus With Frequent Purging

By September 10, 2012

I am 35 and have had issues with eating since early teens. I am 5’2″ and 110. Which scares me so. I hate being this Fat! My comfort weight is ** or less. I recently met with a new Dr. and when I told her that I am purging 10 to 15 times a day when I allow myself to eat, she just asked if I thought I needed medication or if I thought I was in danger. I don’t think so, so…… The Dr. actually has me questioning whether I have a problem or not. But I have become so depressed and am constantly thinking about weight loss and possible ways to lose. My only reason for even seeking help is I have children entering their teen years and I am afraid I am hurting them or they may pick up on my ways of dieting. I don’t even know what my question was now….I guess how can I deal with my children and this eating disorder monster?? Thank you. – Desperate and Confused Mom

Dear Desperate and Confused,

I was actually alarmed for you when I read your letter. In my opinion, you may need to consider some big steps to address you health concerns. Please take your situation seriously. The frequency at which you are purging can be very dangerous. When we see someone who is purging this much, we are very concerned for their health. There is no doubt that your ability to think clearly (and so care for yourself and your children) is a big concern. Just as you lost your train of thought in writing your letter, there are probably many times you are having trouble thinking clearly. Luckily, you had the courage to talk with your doctor. Please return to her if you were not completely honest and tell her about all of your behavior and symptoms. You could benefit from a complete assessment by a psychiatrist or a therapist who specializes in eating disorders. Find someone who understands your issues and LISTEN to them. You are going to want to say “it’s not that bad,” but that’s denial.

Read our “Finding Treatment” article for further guidance. Please take these steps now.