Is It Okay to Eat Only One Meal and Small Snack a Day?

By February 27, 2013

Is it okay to eat one meal and small snack a day? I’m wondering because I currently eat one meal and a small snack a day. I usually feel fine but mostly I feel sick from lack of food, my body currently is crying out for meal sized food it won’t stop asking for food. Also, my body craves lots of sweets and sugars. I have EDNOS – had it since 7th grade. I’m in treatment now but need extra support, so if there is a doctor and registered dietitian that might be willing to help mentor me through my ED recovery please message me on Fb. Thanks.

Dear Visitor,

Your body is “hard-wired” for hunger. That means your body will do all it can to survive and finding food to nourish the body is a major part of survival. When the body doesn’t get enough nourishment, the appetite center will crave foods that you sometimes don’t normally eat. Nourishing the body and maintaining a healthy weight range minimizes cravings related to hunger. Ideally we eat three meals and one to three snacks throughout the day.

I am glad you are seeking the counsel of  a registered dietitian (RD). An RD can help you develop an individualized meal plan. If you haven’t found a RD (or RDN) yet,  read “Finding a Nutritionist” for guidance. In the meantime, peruse the articles under “Eat Well, Live Well” and “The Truth About…” sections for helpful advice.

We wish you the best.