Aversion to Fruit

By January 23, 2013

Since l was a little child (18 months old), l have been unable to face fruit and all but basic vegetables (i.e., peas, beans, carrots, corn, potatoes.) l am now 52 and would like to understand why l have such an aversion to fruit, in particular, even jams and dried fruits. My poor mom tried everything possible to get me to eat normally to no avail. The rest of my five siblings are fine. l am the second youngest. l am healthy although about ** kg overweight. l am on no medication and am seldom ill. On one occasion at age 10, my mom insisted l ate a piece of paw-paw (a type of banana). It came straight back out again. l can still remember the taste and revulsion l felt. ls there a condition or diagnosis for such a problem? – Julia


“Why” is a tough question to answer.  There are many ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables. Would you be willing to try fruit and vegetable drinks or dried fruits and vegetables? Of all of the fruits and vegetables that you have avoided, which ones seem least scary?  Would you be wiling to try one bite of one? If that works, try it for a week before trying another. If it doesn’t work, wait a week and try another bite of another fruit or vegetable. Continue to try a new fruit or vegetable each week.

If you are fearful of this approach, you may want to be tested for food allergies. 

Eileen Stellefson Myers, MPH, RD, LDN, FADA