Anger and Eating Linked

This is what helps me… I make dinner for my family but feel that if I leave it alone my mood and my anger will lessen. Big surprise IT DOES. I don’t want to sound like an idiot – I’m a Board Certified MD and this is the ONLY thing that works for me. You people have ZERO concept of how restful this makes me feel. I don’t want to punch walls, or get hurt by destructive behavior. I don’t require antidepressants or anti-psychotics. There are no voices in my head forcing me NOT to eat. Why is wanting to lose weight or not eating wrong? My body can afford it. Plus, after all, IT IS MY BODY MY CHOICE. It is not wrong, as you and a hundred others lecture. It is a means of coping. – Sincerely, Alexis

Dear Alexis,

I hear that the way you have found to cope is real.  I hear that you do not believe you manifest “pathology” in need of excising.

I am wondering what it is like to live in a home (referring to your family as mentioned in your email) where there is anger and moods that you have to “cope” with.  Perhaps disordered eating is not an issue for you; however, maybe the anger and/or moods you experience deserve to be heard and not just placated.

I trust your professional training and years of education.  I welcome your opinion, thoughts and feelings.  I respect your passion to represent a mindset that you believe is not acknowledged.  If you are ever interested, I would really like to hear more about how you cope with anger/moods. I believe we as a collective group at FINDINGbalance have more to offer than just dissecting disordered eating.  Thanks for writing and peace be with you.