Christ-Centered Small Groups for Eating Issues? We got ’em!

288-squareNothing is more powerful than community when it comes to finding support for the road ahead. I learned this firsthand when I looking for support for my own disordered eating in 1999. Back then, there weren’t a lot of Christian recovery groups, and even the one I did find – which was great in many ways – still didn’t really “get” eating issues. Today it is our great joy here at FINDINGbalance to be able to offer tools to help facilitate awesome Christ-centered small groups specially designed for those seeking freedom in areas of food, weight and wellness. Our small groups are Biblically sound and evidence-based, to address the mental, emotional, relational, physical and spiritual aspects of eating issues in a healthy, positive way. I hope you love them like we do! Constance Rhodes, Founder and CEO, FINDINGbalance


Which option is right for me?

At FINDINGbalance we have two primary types of group tools – one you join, and the other you purchase. To determine which is the right way to go, the first question to ask is “Do I need support for myself?” or “Do I want to lead others toward recovery.”

A. If you need support for yourself, the best choice is to join our Lasting Freedom online support program.

300-x-300This program runs in 8-week cycles and is administrated by our own team. Cost is just $219/8 week cycle (about $27/week) and includes personalized assessments, S.M.A.R.T. goal setting, and more. Best of all, the program runs entirely online, via video chat groups and a private networking website. You can even access group meetings right from your phone!




B. If you are looking for materials to lead your own group study, we have two awesome options:

500x500 square white background stroked1. EASIEST: Our FINDINGbalance Gathering “small group in a tin” features 30 video lessons complete with Leader Guides and Discussion Sheets for each. All of this material is included on a cool little flash drive so it’s very portable. Lessons do not build in order, so you can pick and choose which ones to use and don’t have to worry about someone feeling lost if they haven’t attended from the beginning. Perfect for “open” groups. (NOTE: This used to be available in a downloadable format that was subscription-based. This has been discontinued due to the ease of using the Flash Drive instead.)


Leader kit no header smaller2. MORE TRADITIONAL: Our “Finding Balance With Food” 12-week study is your more classic curriculum, featuring a book, workbook, leader booklet and participant manual, along with DVD teachings. This is a study that DOES build from week to week, which means you don’t really want people jumping in midstream. We recommend breaking it into two six-week segments with a week break in between.