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Welcome to the new site!!!

By February 16, 2012 2 Comments

We’ve been working since October to bring you this new, beautiful, super user-friendly website, and we’re SO incredibly excited for you to finally be able to see it for yourself!

Today we’ve done what’s called a “soft-launch,” which means we’re putting it out there but not everything is final yet. There are a few key things that we simply need a little more time for, and believe me they will be worth the wait.


Biggest New Changes/Features:

  • Customized landing pages to help you see at-a-glance info all in one place by topic. Access these by going to the Home page and clicking on one of the topics in the blue bar.
  • New blogs organized by topic. We’re starting with six, and will add more as we find more writers. Look for new posts on a much more frequent basis from a greater variety of writers. For those of you who still want to access our older blogs, we’ve set up a blog archive that we’ll leave up for a while during the transition.
  • New socially-integrated features. PLEASE “like” and share to your heart’s content. The more “likes” we get the more advertising we can secure, which will help fund us to do more great work. Which leads me to my next point…
  • Advertising – you’re going to begin seeing a few ads for products, services, events and programs that make sense for who we know is coming to the site. Don’t worry – we promise to be tasteful and not overdo it (you’ll never find “Google AdWords” taking you to weird stuff we don’t trust). The revenue will help us get more cool stuff done. Ad info coming soon for those of you who may be interested in advertising here.

Coming in the next two weeks:

  • Brand new FINDINGbalance Gathering section which allows you to manage your subscription, stream gathering videos right within the site, and even build your own facilitator page for those of you hosting groups. If you’re currently using Gatherings already you can still access the old Lesson Store at this link. Once the new system is in place the old store will go away. For those of you who hate change, let me just say that you’re going to love the new interface so much that I think you’ll quickly forgive us.
  • More info on a specific donation projects you can contribute to. (This new site was one such project.)
  • A brand new store to replace the old, crappy one. (Those of you who’ve used it know what I’m talking about.)

There will be a lot of other little tweaks and corrections too. If you notice anything that you think we’ve missed, feel free to shoot an email to us via our contact page. This is a mammoth endeavor, as I’m sure you can imagine, and we covet your prayers as we get it all done.

Love it? (we do…)

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