Accessible from anywhere, our Lasting Freedom online support program gives you Christ-Centered support for the FREEDOM you crave!

Our Lasting Freedom online support groups are a safe place to wrestle through your relationship with food, your body and even God. Weekly webinars, group meetings and 24/7 peer-support offer balanced, Christ-centered learning and support for a life free from food issues.

Find freedom from…

Anorexia ~ Bulimia ~ Binge Eating Disorder ~ Emotional Eating ~ Chronic Dieting ~ Orthorexia ~ Body Dissatisfaction ~ Binge/Starve Cycles ~ Weight Obsession and Other Issues

Our Holiday Groups Start:



Schedule a free 15-min. call to talk with Jeanette on our team about your goals and whether our program is a fit for you. No strings attached.


Special “Recover Holiday Freedom” Module

Our Holiday module is designed to walk you through the season prepared for triggers and able to be more present with those you love. Weekly webinars and group meetings mean you’re plugged in to TRUTH and community throughout the holiday season.

Wk. 1: “Shape Your New Year Now”

We start by looking ahead to where we want to be on January 1, 2019. By being future-focused in our goals, we are more able to be fully present to what we need to walk in freedom this holiday.

Wk. 4: “The Beauty of Boundaries”

Learn three different types of boundaries and how you can begin setting your own personal “property line,” including what to do if (and when!) someone crosses it.

Wk. 2: “Holiday Food Strategies”

Nutritionist Amy Carlson gives practical tips for how to approach Thanksgiving and other holiday meals armed with truth and strategies for getting through them without fear or regret.

Wk. 5: “The Gift of Worth”

Competition compromises our sense of value. Learn how to embrace your God-given gift of worth and share it with others during the holiday.

Wk. 3: “Planning For Peace”

Travis is a therapist and Susan is a personal organizer. Together, they help you pause, discover what really matters to you, and reclaim both internal and external ownership of how you approach Christmas.

Wk. 6: “The Legacy of Gratitude”

Former disordered eaters Bethany and Jamie celebrate the gift of freedom they are experiencing, and encourage you to believe a legacy of freedom is possible for you too.

Weekly Online Group Meetings

24/7 Peer-Support via Private Website and App

Personalized Freedom Trackers

At the end of each cycle discover how your scores have changed with regard to Eating Attitudes, Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem and General Health. Customized Freedom Trackers include personal notes from your facilitator to help you identify areas of challenge, and celebrate areas of growth.

Meet the team…

Constance Rhodes

Founder & CEO, FINDINGbalance

I host the webinars and write curriculum. It’s such an honor to be able to journey with the brave ladies in our growing community.

Rebecca Feere

Freedom Mentor

My life has been radically transformed through Christ-centered support for eating issues, and it is such a joy to now be able to be part of offering that to others battling food issues today!

Jeanette Henriques

Dir., Member Services

In our consultation I look forward to hearing your story, setting goals, and praying together about this next step in your journey!

Mallori Vogelpohl

Freedom Mentor

I know what it’s like to be ruled by food issues and I love seeing people set free through this amazing program!

Bethany Kirk

Lead Freedom Mentor

God has given me such freedom in my own journey and it is an honor to lead ladies in that same process!

Annie Swetnam

Freedom Mentor

No matter how dark the season, Jesus has always been present in my journey to freedom. I love sharing that HOPE with the ladies I get to serve through this program.

Amy Schaller

Freedom Mentor

My life used to be ruled by food issues. Today it is such a blessing to serve women who are seeking freedom like I once did!

High Value, Low Price

Costs less than therapy groups and will increase effectiveness of other recovery efforts.

Facilitated with Excellence

Group leaders are trained to facilitate meetings knowledgeably, effectively and with grace.

Private and Confidential

Not connected to outside social media platforms. All members sign confidentiality agreements.

Access from Anywhere!

All you need is a computer, smartphone, or tablet to participate.


Grow in your faith through grace-based Christian teaching, encouragement and support.


End isolation and find hope in knowing you’re not alone in your quest for freedom.

Since joining your online program, my HOPE for recovery has increased, my RELATIONSHIP with God has grown closer, and I feel more CONNECTED through the community you offer. Thank you!

Teresa F.Lasting Freedom member

I ate one cookie today! On purpose I chose to have one cookie after a meal. And I stopped! I actually enjoyed it with no guilt and one was enough. I was intentionally grateful and I was satisfied. Do u have any idea how amazing this is?

Debbie W.Lasting Freedom member

I'm so grateful that your program is web-based. Here in Canada there is a huge need for more help and hope. The Lord is doing great things through FINDINGbalance and I am filled with thankfulness!

Rebecca F.Lasting Freedom member

At 70 years old, I didn't think I could ever find freedom from this battle, but you ladies are showing me something I never imagined. I am experiencing freedom for the first time!

Maggie G.Lasting Freedom member