Eating Issues Test—Part 2: "The Way I Eat"

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I won’t eat anything unless I know how many calories, carbs and/or fat grams are in it.
A “good” day is when I don’t eat anything on my “restricted” or “bad foods” list and stay below a specific calorie level.
I “pig out” or binge on foods occasionally.
I regularly “pig out” or binge on foods, sometimes twice a week or more.
I go through episodes when I will binge for a lot of days, but then I stop, sometimes for months.
I try to eat very little, and when I eat what I consider to be too much or the wrong foods, I’ll skip the next meal or even not eat for a whole day.
I sometimes eat a lot more than the average person would. To make up for it, I will skip the next meal or not eat for a whole day.
I won’t eat what I consider to be “bad” or “fattening” foods because I want to keep my weight under control.
I will only eat foods that are “pure,” natural, organic and/or healthy. I often refuse to eat foods prepared by others, and will bring my own food to social gatherings.
I frequently make a meal out of a single food, such as low-fat microwave popcorn, a half of a bagel, or a salad with low-fat or no dressing.
I find myself eating condiments (ketchup, salsa, mustard) without the foods they usually go on.
I consume lots of diet or non-calorie foods and beverages to try to satisfy my hunger.
At times, if I eat (what I consider to be) too much, I try to purge the calories by excessive exercising, throwing up, and/or taking laxatives, diuretics or diet pills.
I seem to go from one diet to the next.
I go from one extreme to the other—either eating very restrictively or eating out of control.
I frequently eat large amounts of food when I’m not even hungry.
I frequently eat until I’m uncomfortable and feel overstuffed.
Sometimes I skip out on social functions/eating out because I don’t want to have to eat the unhealthy food they are serving.
Sometimes I skip out on social functions/eating out because I don’t want to have to eat the fattening food they are serving.
Sometimes I skip out on social functions/eating out because I’m afraid I’ll lose control and end up bingeing.
I secretly eat foods, especially what I consider to be “junk” foods, often in large quantities.
I frequently get up in the middle of the night to eat.
I don’t eat much at all during the day; most of my eating is in the evening and late at night.
My need to eat at night is disrupting my sleep.
I try to hide evidence of my overeating/binges, careful to discard the wrappers, bags and boxes so they won’t be noticed by others.
I usually eat so quickly that I hardly notice the taste, texture, temperature and flavors of the food.
I usually eat extremely slowly, taking very tiny bites, and playing with my food so I can eat less.
I have restricted my eating so much that my body seems to “tune out” hunger and I get full very easily.
As a result of chronic overeating or bingeing a lot, I can no longer tell when my stomach is comfortably full.
I’ve learned how to look like I’m eating a lot, even when I’m not.
I spit food out after chewing, in order to avoid the calories.
I spend a considerable amount of time each day—sometimes three hours or more—thinking about and planning healthy meals.