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January 23, 2017

LF117: The Compatibility Test

In this episode, Travis Stewart, LPC discusses strategies for making choices about food and our…
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May 18, 2012

Lies vs. Truth in Recovery

I have EDNOS, struggling with obesity and binge-restrict cycles. I'm in therapy, have a dietitian (although we…
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April 8, 2012

My ED – A Necessary Crutch

"I know I have a problem with food, but I just don't really want to…
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March 12, 2012

Letters: “To Those Who Are Struggling and Have Lost Hope”

An anonymous letter submitted by a recovering disordered eater who had recently relapsed.
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March 7, 2012

Letters: “Recovery IS Possible”

A letter to disordered eaters everywhere from best-selling author and former disordered eater Jenni Schaefer.
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February 17, 2012

Letters: “Dear Eating Disorder”

An inspiring letter of independence from a former disordered eater.
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February 17, 2012

Friend Thinks I Have Eating Disorder, I Disagree

"My best friend recently told me she thinks I'm in denial about my issues with…
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January 30, 2012

Is There Hope for Freedom?

"I've heard that most people with eating issues will have them for the rest of…
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January 29, 2012

Finding a Voice of Reason

Getting tired of that negative tape running in your head? It's time to get out…
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January 28, 2012

Combating Lies with Truth

Since disordered eating is founded on lies, finding a voice of truth is one of…
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