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September 24, 2013

What is Bulimia?

Understanding diagnostic criteria for bulimia.
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February 25, 2013

Can You Be Bulimic and Overweight?

I am 17 years old. I am 5 ft. tall and weigh ***lbs... In January…
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February 21, 2013

Side Effects of Normalizing Eating After Years of Abuse

I have had an eating disorder for 14 years of my 27 years. I have…
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January 10, 2013

ED Classification for ‘Eating Healthy and Purging’

I am a very successful 22-year-old. I have a BA in international affairs and international…
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November 26, 2012

‘Looking to See How Bulimia Works’

I came across this website while looking to see just how bulimia works. I am…
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October 31, 2012

Do Electrolyte Pills Help Prevent Electrolyte Imbalances Due to Purging?

Thank you for your great service. It is very helpful to many. I had a…
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October 17, 2012

I Don’t Feel Guilty About Vomiting

I am graduating college this year and it has been a stressful time. Basically, I…
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September 6, 2012

Athlete: Healthy Eating Without Dieting and Purging?

My history with food started in high school with a diet of 1500 calories per…
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August 25, 2012

Stuck In A Starve-Binge-Purge Cycle

I have been obsessed with my weight and food for almost 5 years now. Everyday…
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August 7, 2012

Warning Signs – Bulimia

Things to look for when you suspect that you or someone you care about might…
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