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Help Make #AnnaWestinAct Law

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Earlier this year FINDINGbalance became a supporting member of the Eating Disorders Coalition, an organization that specifically focuses on advocacy for those impacted by eating disorders. Partnering with the EDC matters because we all have different roles to play in helping people find freedom, and the EDC is uniquely gifted/poised to impact legislation in DC.

In June the #AnnaWestinAct was introduced in the House and the Senate, with bi-partisan support. In a short time, there will be an official vote, and this act could become law.

This legislation is asking that EXISTING funds be directed toward grants that can be used to train school counselors and staff about eating disorders, how to spot them, and how to be wise to the trigger that things like mandatory BMI testing can be for those who may be susceptible to an eating disorder. If we want to spare the next generation from the horror of eating disorders, this is an important step in the right direction.

YOU can help the #AnnaWestinAct become the #AnnaWestinLaw by following some/all of these four steps by AUGUST 31:

  1. FIND THE NAME of your senator and representative.
  2. CALL your senators/representatives. (Click here for sample script)
  3. TWEET your senators/representatives. (i.e. Plz help by signing on2 #AnnaWestinAct #S1865. Bipartisan #eatingdisorders legislation. #AnnasLaw will help save lives. TY!)
  4. WRITE your senators/representatives. (Click here for Anna Westin Act Letter Template)

For more information contact the EDC directly via their website.

A final thought…

170-x-135-pink-2It can be easy to sit back and let others do work that is out of one’s comfort zone. I totally get that. But collaboration is the key we all need to see this conversation moved forward. I hope you’ll join us today in helping make the voice of eating disorder recovery louder.

– Constance Rhodes, Founder and CEO, FINDINGbalance


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