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“I went from feeling angry and alone to finding hope and community through this program. It’s finally clicking!!” – Kate

Our Lasting Freedom online support program is designed for highly motivated individuals who want to move OUT of disordered eating patterns and INTO the life God created you for!

  • Learn practical tools from seasoned experts who care about your journey.
  • Engage with others who are as invested in pursuing freedom as you are.
  • Track your progress with proven diagnostics that reveal your anxiety, depression and eating attitudes over time.
  • Grow in your faith, even if you don’t have any yet.
  • Join for 8 weeks at a time.

This program consists of the following core elements:

  1. Initial One-on-One consultation with a member of our staff to establish needs/goals and determine if LF is a fit for you.
  2. Weekly webinar featuring inspiring authors, experts and other guests. (Can be attended live at noon on Tuesdays or accessed via Mp3 link afterward)
  3. Weekly online “Freedom Team” support group. (Current Groups: Mon, 6pm CST; Wed, 3pm CST; Thu, 12pm CST and 7:30pm CST)
  4. Private 24/7 online LF community website to connect with/support each other.
  5. Follow up One-on-One to track progress at end of each 8-week period.
  6. Personalized “Freedom Tracker” to document your journey each 8 weeks.
  7. Self-assessments at the beginning and end of each 8-week period to evaluate progress with anxiety, depression and eating attitudes.

Lives are being changed! Yours can be next…

300-gazette-onlyClick the image to read Bethany’s story in our latest “Freedom Gazette”. She is just one of over 73 women we’ve served so far through Lasting Freedom. Whether you are overweight, underweight or somewhere in between, no matter your age or story, you are no longer alone when you join Lasting Freedom. You’re surrounded with community that understands you and can help propel you forward, even as you serve them in the same way. This program is for highly motivated individuals who are ready to leave disordered eating behind and live the life you were created for.



Learn from the best!

FINDINGbalance founder Constance Rhodes hosts the weekly webinars, where she has insightful conversations with experts and authors such as those shown here:


In addition to great webinar guests, our weekly online “Freedom Team” support groups are hosted by trained facilitators with extensive experience in leading small groups and/or mentoring those in recovery. You are in good, safe, experienced hands when you join this program.


8-Week Cycle and Calendar Through 2015

Lasting Freedom works on an 8-week cycle, with 5 sessions per calendar year. All members start and end on the same date (see calendar) to allow for maximum engagement and relationship building. The first six weeks of each 8-week cycle are programmed with a weekly teleconference featuring our team and guests, as well as a weekly “Freedom Team” support group moderated by one of our trained facilitators. The last two weeks are a “break” from regular programming, to allow our team to focus on scoring assessments, creating member “Freedom Trackers” and doing followup one-on-ones with all members. During this period, you can either take a break too, or you can stay engaged with a weekly “hang time” group which is peer-led by current members, as well as with our 24/7 online community website. It is also required that you fill out your assessments during this time, and make yourself available for a followup one-on-one session with a member of our team.

** WE CURRENTLY HAVE SIX OPENINGS IN OUR NEXT CYCLE. If you are interested in applying for one of these openings, please complete a one-on-one consultation as soon as possible.

View Calendar Through 2015

Step 1: One-on-One Consultation

Your first step is to do an initial one-on-one consultation with a member of our team to establish your needs and desires for growth, and to determine whether Lasting Freedom is the right fit for you. There is a one-time non-refundable application fee of $49 for this consultation, which covers a 50-minute session with a trained professional, review of two assessments to give you insight into your personal eating attitudes and general well-being, and recommendations for whether Lasting Freedom is a fit for you. Please note that this fee covers our team-member’s time, and is not refundable if it is determined that Lasting Freedom is not a fit for you. Once you sign up, you will hear back from us within a day or two to set up your consultation time. You will then be asked to fill out three assessments online to prep for the consultation. This gives our team a good feel for you and for what you are looking for/need out of the program.

Step 2: Group Placement

Once you have completed your assessment and our team has determined that Lasting Freedom is a fit for you, you will be placed in a group as soon as there is a spot available. You will learn available times following your consultation and can determine then what might work for you. ** WE CURRENTLY HAVE SIX OPENINGS FOR THE NEXT CYCLE WHICH BEGINS MAY 4. If you are interested in applying for one of these openings, please complete a one-on-one consultation as soon as possible.

Once you are officially placed, you must commit to eight weeks of the program. For the health of our program – and you – we require that you not miss more than one out of first six programmed weeks, or your membership will be canceled without refund, unless you have communicated with our team and have received an exemption due to health or other significant circumstances. You are, however, allowed to take a break during the last two weeks if desired, (see above note about 8-week cycle for more details).

Program Fees

Your initial consultation application fee is $49. Joining Lasting Freedom (following your consultation) is $219 for all 8 weeks, which averages out to about $27/week. All amounts are billed in advance of each 8-week cycle. Thanks to a generous grant from the Kirsten Haglund Foundation, scholarship dollars are available for those in need. See scholarship standards and details.

PLEASE NOTE: You must be 18 years or older to participate. At this time, groups are female only. If you are interested in a “guys only” group, let us know and we will launch one as soon as we have enough interest.

Wondering if this is a fit for you?

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