More Than a Number

The “bread” you crave isn’t in your kitchen…

Needham Vimeo

>> CLICK HERE TO WATCH ON VIMEO It’s the weekend. Maybe you’re planning to clean the house, or go for a walk. Or maybe you’re just there at home needing some encouragement. I have some for you… Two days ago I talked with recording artist Jimmy Needham, who shared about how he used to turn to food and porn to fill the void in his heart, until he learned to experience Jesus as not just Savior but Satisfier. He then... Continue Reading

More Than a Number

Help Make #AnnaWestinAct Law

anna westin

Partnering with the EDC matters because we all have different roles to play in helping people find freedom, and the EDC is uniquely gifted/poised to impact legislation in DC. Here are four ways you can add your voice by AUG 31 to make a true difference for those impacted by eating disorders. Continue Reading

Chasing Freedom

Are You A Slave to the Scale?

-Are you a slave to the scale-- (2)

I bought into this game in my early twenties and barely escaped from its grip. I almost lost it all; almost sacrificed myself for the number on a scale. And it was so much more than the number that I was pursuing. I wanted to control and to not feel, because my life was so out of control. If I could control my body, then everything would be ok. Or so I thought. Continue Reading

Shaped With Love

Exercise is Just Another Word for Play

Exercise is just another word for play

When I physically join my children in playtime I always make a point to share how blessed we are to have a body designed by God for us to move about and enjoy the world around us. I tell them that our fingers, arms, knees, legs, and feet are gifts from the Creator. Continue Reading

Shaped With Love

Dare To Love Your Selfie

Love Your selfie

At first, I blamed the lack of mother-daughter footage on the fact that I’m usually the one behind the camera. But that’s only partially true. The bigger truth is this: I have not wanted to be photographed. That night at the computer screen, I saw how scandalously critical I’d been about myself, and how I’d missed the opportunity to capture unrepeatable moments with my girls. Continue Reading

Chasing Freedom

Theology of the Body – Pt. 2

theology of body pt 2-3

As I wrote in my previous post (Theology of the Body - Pt. 1), there are a lot of cultural ideas about our bodies, including the over- and under-valuing of it. But the Biblical view neither devalues the body nor sees it as our ultimate hope. In this post, I’m suggesting three things the Bible teaches about the body. First, our bodies are not evil but good gifts from the creator. Second, our bodies are not disposable but eternal. And third... Continue Reading

Shaped With Love

Is It Okay to Compliment Children About Their Looks?

god handmade our children

I love this movement toward highlighting the often overlooked inner qualities in our kids, BUT before the pendulum swings to shunning all compliments of physical qualities, a word of caution: We ARE physical beings. Here's how to find the balance. Continue Reading

Chasing Freedom

Three Signs You Need to Slow Down (and how to actually do it)

Don't Burn Out2

A friend lovingly suggested that perhaps stress has had something to do with all of my recent health woes. And though I hate to admit it, I'm realizing she's right. It turns out our bodies can actually do a pretty good job of telling us we're out of balance, if we're only willing to listen. Continue Reading

Chasing Freedom

For Fatter or Thinner

God of wonders 2 (2)

My sweet son looked at me and said, “Mom, you were a lot thinner then.”

“Yes, son, I was.”

“Well, mom…what went wrong?”

What went wrong? Hmmm. Let me think. Giving birth to your sister. Your brother. You. That started it all. And then the anti-depressants I had to take because I could never ever sleep. And then the chocolate that helps me out because I don’t drink or smoke or have any other vices. Maybe…just maybe…that’s what went wrong! Continue Reading

Chasing Freedom

Theology of the Body – Part 1


Have you ever considered that your body is glorious? Have you ever considered that your body is made for glory and that is vital in the expression of your identity in Christ?

We all have bodies…. and we live our lives through them every day. Yet most of us think of our physical self in very limited ways. Mostly we consider our appearance, our weight, and whether or not our clothes fit.

Every year Americans spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $80 billon a year on diets, surgeries and other products to enhance our appearance that essentially don’t work. For example, the majority of people who go on diets regain the weight regain that they lost, plus more within two years. Other products do change the body but leave the heart untouched. One study showed that despite the billions spent every year, 8 out of 10 women still don’t like what they see in the mirror.

We have created a society that has stores full of food shopped by women starving themselves. Meanwhile, across the world 20-25,000 children die every day of hunger.

The beliefs that we have about our body keep us from experiencing the freedom that trusting God brings. And our beliefs about the body impact the world.

We need to make a shift in our thinking. We also need to make a shift in how we use our resources. One practical way we are doing that with the True Campaign is a project called true:shift. Through this partnership with Food for the Hungry you can take some of the money you would otherwise spend on appearance and sponsor a needy child. These are the kinds of shifts we need to make in order to impact the world.

Unfortunately, we live in a culture that misunderstands the body. We both overvalue the body and undervalue it at the same time. What do I mean? Continue Reading